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Re-Enter the (Multi-User) Dungeon

By Danny Nissenfeld

I’m not sure I can bring the eloquence that was had with last year’s announcement but it’s a year later and we’ve got a new MUDJam. Entry period is straight through the end but the jam officially begins on the 17th of this month.

We always planned on making this an annual affair. Some minor things have changed: judging is now fully public so everyone can vote for the winner. The prizes will naturally be different, and the actual working period of the jam is four weeks instead of “a month” so it’s tightened up by a few days.

This year’s theme is “One-Room,” which is simultaneously self-explanatory and confusing. Your MUD must be chiefly a MUD, which means text-only, online, and multiplayer. One-Room refers to the old standard concept of space for a MUD. For those unfamiliar, MUDs typically define where you or anything else is in the world by putting you in a Room. Much like a room in your house, it is a singular place to exist. You would typically move around by using a directional (north) or named (door) Exit to go to an adjoining room.

With that in mind adherence to the theme of the jam requires that there only be one room, but what you do with that room is up to you. Adherence to the theme does not define qualification, it is simply the primary judging criteria. The rest of the rules remain the same as last year and can be seen here.

Good luck to one and all. I hope we can get more entries this year, and barring that at least more people playing the entries.